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  • Sometimes dogs really do need clothes

    Coats for Dogs Gibi Blog

    Does your dog need a sweater or a coat? You may think dressing a dog is ridiculous. Lots of people do. And lots of the outfits designed for dogs aren’t for their benefit.

    But some dogs, depending on where and how they live, can actually benefit from the addition of a sweater or coat, and even booties of one kind or another

    Team Gibi
  • When the weather outside is frightful, protect those paw pads

    Gibi, Dress Up Your Pet Day

    Do you walk and exercise your dog regardless of the weather? If so, a pair of booties might be a good idea to protect her paws and even her health.

    If you walk your dog where sidewalks are salted or chemically de-iced, if you her for extended walks in really cold weather or on crusty, iced-over snow, or if she has long hair between his paw pads, booties may be in order.

    Team Gibi
  • What do you know about dogs?

    What do you know about dogs?
    People know more about dogs than ever before. What you can learn from a chat at the dog park is kind of amazing. Just how up are you on your dog facts? Below we’ve gathered 10 that should impress next time you’re at the dog park.
    Team Gibi
  • Holiday Safety

    Holiday Safety from Gibi

    The holidays are here, and as much fun as they are for us, our pets face a multitude of dangers. Some are obvious, such as when guests arrive and your dog sneaks out the front door, dashing to freedom. Others are more subtle, such as the holiday plants you bring into your home.

    Team Gibi