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  • Gibi KONG Recipes

    Gibi KONG Recipes

    Tired of buying pricey treats at the pet store? Looking for something to keep your dog busy? Check out some of our all-time favorite KONG recipes that will entertained your dog for hours and provide a healthy snack that’s easy to make at home!

    Team Gibi
  • How Do I Attach Gibi to My Dog’s Collar?

    How Do I Attach Gibi to My Dog’s Collar?

    A few customers asked us to share some Gibi tips on our blog. We will kick off a series of tips with how best to attach the Gibi device to your pet’s collar.

    Gibi was designed to attach securely to your pet’s collar while also being easy to remove for charging. It was also designed to be sleek and lie flat on the collar so it doesn’t act like a hook or a snag.

    Team Gibi
  • Before You Hire a Pet Sitter

    Before You Hire a Pet Sitter, Gibi Blog

    Hiring a pet sitter for your dog or cat is not unlike finding a day care for a child. You don’t want to just pick a company or name off the Internet. A certain amount of research and a pre-sitting interview will help ensure you feel comfortable leaving your pet home while you travel and that you’ll come home to a happy, well-cared-for friend. So, start your search now, before you’ve scheduled your next business trip or vacation.

    Team Gibi
  • Is Your Pet Becoming an E-Dog or E-Cat?

    Is Your Pet Becoming an E-Dog or E-Cat?

    We live in a world of E-Everything—that’s Electronic-Everything, in case you’ve forgotten what “E” actually stands for. From mail to messages and from health care to home security, everything relies on electronics.

    And our pets are no different. Whether we’re concerned about our dog’s weight, what he does during the day while we’re gone or his safety, there’s an app for that. Well, not just an app, but also a wearable electronic device.

    Team Gibi