FAQ – Pet GPS Tracking Service


Is there a fee for service?

Gibi’s subscription service is required for operation and use.  It is your choice of either $9.99/month or $99/year. With 1 in 3 pets going missing in their lifetime, we think it is priceless to know where your dog is 24/7. 

I have multiple pets, is there a discount?

Gibi discounts the monthly subscription for the additional Gibi devices (for mulitple pets) added to your account.  For the first device in your account, the monthly subscription for service is your choice of $9.99/month or $99/year.  For the second or more device, the monthly subscription for service is $8.99/month or $99/year. When you add another device to your account, the pricing for additional device(s) will automatically show as option for you to select.

Are payments automated?

Based on your choice of either monthly or yearly subscription, your credit card will be automatically charged monthly or yearly so you don’t have to worry about it.

Can I pause my service?

Gibi does not require long term service contracts. To pause your service, log into your account using a computer or tablet.  Then go to ACCOUNT > My Devices, then click Delete Device.  Deleting a device from your account is stopping or pausing your service for that device. When service is stopped or paused, service paid to date will not resume when you add your Gibi back to your account (or another account) and previous subscription service payments already paid are not prorated and not refunded per the terms of service you agreed to a account registration. Subscription service already paid does not resume when starting service again. If you would like to pause your service, the time between stop and re-start must be within 6 (six) months of stopping service. If your Gibi device is not added back to your account (or another Gibi account) within 6 (six) months from stopping service, your Gibi device will be removed from the Gibi system completely and not be usable.

To start service again, log into your account using a computer or tablet.  Then go to ACCOUNT > My Devices, then click Add A New Device.  Fill in the information requested.  You will need your unique device ID located at the bottom of the device. If you need help, contact Customer Support at support@gibitechnologies.com.